Stainless Steel Fasteners

fastenersThere are a different range of stainless steel fastener like stainless steel screws, bolts and nuts products offering different levels of resistance and strength. They are used for harsh industry and sea water surroundings, equipment, structural and structural applications. These products can be used for all stainless steel designs and for becoming a member of other materials such as copper, aluminium, carbon steel, and zinc.


The requirements of a specific fastener grade should be based on the required deterioration level of resistance, durability and materials that will be fastened. The fastener should have equivalent or higher deterioration level of resistance than the most deterioration resistant of the metal(s) being fastened.


Types of Bolts and Nuts

  • Bolt: Hex Bolt, Flange Bolt, Carrage Bolt, High tensile Bolt , Carriage Bolts,
  • Nut: Cold Forged Nut, Turned Nut, Weld Nut, Flange Nut, Castle Nut, Dome Nut


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