Stainless Steel Pipes

A pipe is a hollow cylinder often of circular cross-section but could have rectangular and square cross-sections as well. It is mainly used to convey substances like liquids and gases (fluids), powders and other products that can flow through it. It can also be used for structural applications.

Pipes can be polished as per customer requirements and thus pipes are available in matt polished, electro polished and mirror polished.
Stainless Steel Pipes can be in various types:

  • Seamless Pipe
  • Welded/ERW Pipe
  • Square Pipe
  • Rectangular Pipe
  • Large Diameter Pipe

Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe

Stainless Steel Pipes Seamless (SMLS) pipes are formed by drawing solid billet over a piercing rod to create the hollow shell. The manufacturing process for seamless pipes does not include any welding thus they are stronger and more realible. Seamless pipes can withstand more pressure than welded erw pipes and thus are critical in many factories.

Jain Steels Corporation supplies high quality seamless pipes as per ASTM A 269, ASTM A 511 and ASTM A 213. Over years we have been suppliers, dealers, traders and exporters of high quality stainless steel seamless pipes. We have ready stocks of seamless pipes in many sizes and grades of ferric and non ferric metals like stainless steel and other alloy steel in grades like AISI 202, 303, 304, 304L, 310, 310L, 316, 316L, 410, 410S, 304H, 316H, 317L, 321, 347, 904L etc. We also have Super Duplex Seamless Pipes and Duplex Seamless Pipes in stock. Stainless Steel Pipes


Grades in Stainless Steel 300 Series of Seamless Pipes304 , 304L , 304H , 309S , 309H ,310S ,310S ,316L ,317L ,321 ,321H ,347, 347H
Outer Diameter (OD) of Seamless Pipes1/8” to 24”
Alloy Steel Grades of Seamless PipesAlloy 20 , 200, 400,600,601,625,825H,825HT,C276
Grades in Stainless Steel 400 Series of Seamless Pipes400

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Stainless Steel Welded ERW Pipe

Stainless Steel PipeWelded/ERW can mean long seam welded pipe made by a fusion welding process without using filler metal. Such stainless steel welded ERW pipes are made by forming sheet, plate or strip into desired shape, typically round but can be rectangular and square as well. Once the required shape is achieved, the metal is melted locally at the weld joint by using a high energy source. Later, it is allowed to solidfy after squeezing together to form a weld bead.


Jain Steels Corporation has been renowned supplier and trader of stainless steel welded erw pipes all over India since ages. Housing tonnes of pipes at warehouse both at Delhi and Mumbai, we can be one stop solution for all your piping needs.Stainless Steel Pipes India


Outer Diameter (OD) of Welded Pipe1/8” to 36”
Grades in Stainless Steel 300 Series of Welded Pipes304 , 304L , 304H , 309S , 309H ,310S ,310S ,316L ,317L ,321 ,321H ,347, 347H
Grades in Stainless Steel 400 Series of Welded Pipes410 , 410S
Alloy Steel Grades of Welded PipesAlloy 20 , 200, 400,600,601,625,825H,825HT,C276 , Duplex 2205 , Duplex 2507


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Stainless Steel Rectangular Pipe

Stainless Steel Pipes The hollow pipe structure is not limited by a round shape. Pipes can have multiple shapes based on the requirements and the applications they are put to. Jain Steels Corporation also have stainless steel rectangular pipe in various sizes that can be just right match for your requirements.


Stainless Steel Square Pipe

Stainless Steel PipesStainless steel square pipe are similar to rectangular pipes but have same length and breadth thus geometrically called the square pipes. We would be happy to serve you with your requirements of any such pipes and you can drop us a mail and we would get back to you with our best prices.

Stainless SteelASTM / ASME SA 312 GR.TP304 , 304L , 304H , 309S , 309H , 310S , 310H , 316 , 316TI , 316H , 316LN , 317 , 317L , 321 , 321H , 347 , 347H , 904L , ASTM / ASME SA 358 CL1 & CL 3 GR.304 , 304L , 304H , 309S , 309H , 310S , 310H , 316 , 316H , 321 , 321H , 347.
Carbon SteelASTM / ASME A 53 GR. A & B , ASTM A 106 GR. A , B & C . API 5L GR. B , API 5L X 42 , X 46 , X 52 , X 60 ,X 65 & X 70 . ASTM / ASME A 691 GR A , B & C
Alloy SteelASTM / ASME A 335 GRP 1 , P 5 , P 9 , P 11 , P 12 , P 22 , P 23 , P 91
ASTM / ASME A 691 GR 1 CR , 1 1/4 CR , 2 1/4 CR , 5 CR , 9CR , 91
OthersMonel, Nickel, Inconel, Hastalloy, Copper, Bronze, Titanium, Tantalum, Bismuth, Aluminium, High Speed Steel, Zinc, etc
SizeAs per Customer Requirement
Wall ThicknessAs per Customer Requirement


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Stainless Steel Large Diameter Pipe

Stainless Steel PipesSometime certain industries require pipes of humongous diameters and such pipes are critical to their operations. Stainless Steel Large Diameter Pipe (Welded) 10″ NB to 24″ NB in schedule 5, schdeule 10, schedule 20, schedule 40 and also special wall thickness is formed on 800 M.T. Press Brakes Hydraulic Press in length upto 6.0 to 7.0 meters. This section produces S. S. Pipes (Welded) as oer ASTM A-358 by TIG welding and filler materials is used.


.Stainless Steel PipesThe large diameter is then sized & straightened to meetovality and dimensional requirements of the applicable specifications. Testing, according to specifications, is then performed by either X-ray or Hydrostatic method. Final marking to size, grade & specifications is done prior to final visual inspection before dispatch


Chemical, physical and hydro static tests are done regularly since input raw materials are taken into the factory and during processing till dispatching of the finished product.

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